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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wrongful Birthday Suit

I hate being sober
I hate being drunk
I hate being captain
I hate being a punk
I hate going to bed
and I hate getting up

I hate the cold
and I hate the bright sun
I hate getting started,
I hate being done;

I hate being alive
but I'm sure death is worse
All human existence is simply a curse.
I hate being certain,
I hate being confused
It's too frickin' seldom I'm very amused
I hate being naked
I hate wearing clothes
I hate all this stuffed-up shit inside my nose
I hate having jobs
but I hate being broke;
It kills you to do nice things like drink and smoke.
So think, think, before you stop taking that pill!
Your offspring may not want to wait for your will.


  1. ok, so no one is going to read this. In my opinion, it's the funniest poem I'm capable of writing. I don't know what else I can do to get a readership so I'll have a beer to think it over and then blow off my head. If only I can work up the nerve. No; most likely I'll suffer another failure of a day. No, I'd rather drown myself.

  2. Ann, are you there? Hope you didn't go through with it... the suicide, I mean; not the beer... I like your poem a lot.

  3. I read your blog.
    You recorded a song in my basement, so we're kind of friends.
    Write more stuff
    You're a good writer.


    Chris "Basement Music Guy" Q


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