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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fuck the artists of old

They had no idea what it was like to toil in obscurity with SIX BILLION TOILERS ON THE GLOBE.

They never toiled this long, this hard, or this hopelessly.

To hell with them.

But further to hell with you, breeders.

You cheapen human life further with each cheap, cheap soul.

You have put the price of hard labor at zero, and the price of art at negative twenty.

I only wish there were gods to punish you for your sociopathic carelessness.


  1. Both arguments are pretty solid.
    Of course my understanding of economics handicaps me.
    I'm told, for instance, that America is a "First World Country."
    Horror Stories about "The Third World" fromm late 20th century thinkers left me feeling amused, or at least BEmused.
    Ever since they came out with The Global Economy, it seems like there's them with the money and them without the money.
    Subsequently, we could go on for hours:
    "Pope John Paul I whacked out on account of his acceptance of birth control!"
    "Rich folks endorse fancy ass birth control television spots for themselves, and forced sterilization for poor folks!"
    "Margaret Sanger 'planned parenthood' for some...but not for others!"
    Elsehow, as cool as my feline son is, I want a human child to spend time with him.
    Call me a boring-ass would-be breeder.
    My problem with 2010 is that there seem to be eight million new ways to bury one's head in the sand every day.
    One is enough.

    1. Indeed, Bob, indeed. I don't think I saw this at the time; I was busy hiding under a rock. Several rocks, probably.

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