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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The world disgusts

The world disgusts so thoroughly,
It's fair to wonder, "Is it me?"
So pull aside the drapes and see:

A giant bowing to a flea,
A baby killed by sting of bee,
And Thackeray grovels on his knee
While marketers are pestering me.

The truth is slandered,
Kittens hurt,
A torturer is fat and pert,
The bombers are on full alert,
And Socrates is eating dirt;

A squirrel raped,
A genius aped,
A nut job cheered on in a cape;

Your best beloved is puking blood
And Shakespeare's name is finally mud;
You got that job to save your skin
And suddenly you're ten years in;

Your enemies are sleek and free,
There's no clean public place to pee,
An oil slick covers every sea,
A nuke right where the sun should be...

So pull the covers over me.
There's nowhere else that's good to flee.


  1. Yup, there are times when, for the sake of one's health, one must put aside self-loathing and realise that compared to what other people are up to, one is relatively innocent.

  2. I guess that screwed-up SKU I failed to catch at work is not quite as bad as kitten torture...

  3. re-printed with Ann's permission.
    "The Cautious Optimist"

    "And the scorn moves into focus like a specter/
    Greener pastures looming just around the bend/
    From left & right come platitudes/
    I ought to show more gratitude/
    It's hard to run when bones are on the mend."

  4. (there's more)

    Fat Guy’s Salutation

    “Don’t underestimate the overweight—
    You’ll take one in the face.
    I thought that we were human;
    Now they tell me it’s a race.

    Choose to give life the best that you have,
    And the options may drive you berserk.
    Who among us can afford to take a nap,
    Unless we’ve done some serious work?

    Dynamite drives a hard bargain.
    If ya don’t like to talk, save yer breath.
    “It takes one to know one,” croons Steven Seagal;
    But who asked him?
    That guy’s Marked For Death!

    Ravinia, Ravinia.
    How old are you now?
    Corrina, Corrina,
    The boat lost its prow.

    Precision, decision;
    Snow falls on cedar trees.
    Why not pitch a tent out in the moonlight?
    A Nation Once Again.
    Try to look out for your friends.
    It’s the 21st century—
    Don’t be blue, right?”

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  6. Note: the above was not a free speech issue, just a spambot.

  7. Although if corporations are people with rights to free speech, I suppose next we'll have to accept spambots as people with rights to free speech, and then we'll just give up hope entirely.

  8. Fat Guy Features isn't real, but if it was? It would put out "Between Good and Evil--The Road To Corporate Personhood," by Eddie Berthanse. Plus the sequel: "That's Not True," by Samuel "Sauce" Alito...


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