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Friday, August 23, 2013

As much as I hate to bump the Beach Boys down already...

...I have only myself to blame if I fail to promote myself, waving my shiny hat madly like a carnival barker to attract the fickle eyes of my fellow raccoons.

So please to be following the following link to a long but worth-the-read interview with Chip Smith, the noble soul behind 9-Banded Books, publisher of my book NVSQVAM, among many other forgotten works. Topics of discussion include the dubious value of increasing primate intelligence, the detriments of partisanship, the ethics of prohibiting suicide, an excellent primer on antinatalism, some possibly even more taboo shit than that, Loompanics, Poe, the myth of the rights of man, and the glory days (such as they were) of zining:

...and in which he also calls my work CRIMINALLY OVERLOOKED—which I tend to want to interpret literally, as in "JAIL, JAIL FOR ALL YOU FELONIOUS FUCKERS WHO DON'T NOTICE MY SHINY HAT, AND I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE GRUEL AND TRENCHFOOT"—and also notes my kung fu skills as a proofreader.

The latter is definitely going on my resume.

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