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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hopeless Books drops release #3... and I didn't even have to write it!

I am really excited about having the chance to publish Robert Ignatius Dillon's first full-length work through my new publishing empire, Hopeless Books Unic.

Beyond the Bush is a satire (are we noticing a theme here?) of imperial proportions and very tight bits. Read more about it at the Hopeless blog or just take your own word for it (Amazon will let you "click to look" here).

Only $3.99... OR, as usual, any Hopeless release is always available to potential reviewers for the low, low price of getting off your ass and asking me to send you a PDF (; if I don't answer try again and/or remind me in the comments section... my email account is kind of dying of spam, I should probably think about a new one).

We are still running the "buy no books, get a book free!" special on my first novel, Girl Detectives, now through this Wednesday. If you don't get a laugh we will happily return your no money.

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