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Friday, March 28, 2014

I really want to find the worthless "human beings"

... who are behind the spambots that continually try to post shit on this blog. AND BEAT THEM TO DEATH. No one's going to miss them. Who would fucking miss a parasite? The world would thank me for pulling the worms out of its ass. Also the ones behind email scams, etc, obviously, but then again at least they're entrapping people based on their worst instincts (mainly greed). These fuckers just try to strike at random.

Try, because honestly Blogger does a great job of zapping the comments. The notifications of posted spam comments just pile up in my emails. First world problems? OK. Fine, having billions of humans around whose only goal in life is to scam people is fine with you? Fine. Fine. I'm still going on a murder rampage. I'm grabbing all the bombs I can find.

That is all. I hate your job. There is nothing to envy, there is only HATE.

Later: Well, most jobs are about scamming people, and are useless. Damn, was I ever cranky this morning!

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