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Thursday, August 7, 2014

REPOST: Send review copies for yer own good

Repost: C'mon, guys, no one will read you if no one reviews you. Grand malheur, I know, but I won't know if I can write about you till I know about you.

Hi: I'm writing a semiweekly (sometimes weekly) books column for Taki's Magazine from now until whenever I quit or screw up. So, anyone who's publishing a book, make sure to send me review copies in a timely fashion! Send me the PDF at, or better yet, email me to ask for my snail address. (I prefer paper review copies, but one's personal address is one of those things one can't take back once one unleashes it...)

The main focus of the column is litrashoooor, but I also love graphic novels (I guess that's literature now, right? No sarko) and works of scholarly stuff and sociopolitical whatnots are welcome too, though there are writers at the magazine who are already covering nonfiction quite well. Also, do not hesitate to invite me to your play, assuming I can get there (so, mostly Chicago... or video recordings).


Recent review of sorts of Thomas Ligotti:


  1. What! The ultimate anti-marketing person is asking authors to market their books?! :-)
    Kudos on your Taki Mag success. A good opportunity for you to market yourself.
    Your ideas on literature aren't far from ours at New Pop Lit ( writers & artists needed), except that you're determinedly negative about the world, while we're irrepressibly positive. Oh well.

    1. Thanks, Karl. Once y'all get the positivity together to write a book or two, feel free to send it my way...

  2. Though I'm a promoter more than a writer, I, uh, do have seven ebooks out there under my King Wenclas moniker. (A few are fairly terrible. Most ambitious is The Tower. Tightest is my new novella, Assassination of X.) If ebooks by an outsider qualify for your needs, let me know. Said review would not have to be positive! I enjoy a good thrashing now and again.

    p.s. I write fiction only because I get no respect from writers if I don't! Like asking Andrew Loog Oldham or Brian Epstein to pick up a guitar :-)

    p.p.s. We still want a new "pop" story from you.


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