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Monday, December 15, 2014

Oh, here's Natacha Polony being smirked at by the Handsome Man's equally douchey female counterpart:

Aymeric Caron and Lea Salame: Human hate porn. Actually she isn't quite as bad as he is, but that's like saying AIDS isn't quite as bad as Ebola. Natacha Polony used to work at the same show, but it's said she left because they were worse than not having a job.


  1. That went right over my head and Google isn't much help; everything that mentions these people is in French and even translating the pages isn't getting me much closer to what they're all about. Could you elaborate?

    1. Here's the article I finally wrote about them...

  2. Grr, someone needs to pay me to translate all of this stuff; the globalist insults to French sovereignty are very very similar to the ones we're seeing in the States.

  3. Exciting novel news from France:


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