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Sunday, March 21, 2010

On a kinder, gentler note...

... it's funny that, while I find Evelyn's Waugh's religious views to be borderline delusional, I find his novels much more pleasurable to read than those of writers with whom I come closer to agreeing intellectually.

Sort of akin to the way I'd much rather look at a nice Caravaggio biblical scene than, say, a conceptual piece echoing the emptiness of emptiness.

I guess I like fiction, even when the author thereof actually believes it.


  1. fascinated by the way C.S. Lewis named a guy "Edmund," as in Waugh biography subject "Campion," what with Lewis bein' all Ulster-Orthodox (sic).
    Just sayin.

  2. Feel the same about Mishima but almost everyone bar the 21 people in his 70s anarcho cell would, too.

  3. AmiHopson: are you a spambot, or does your computer have a writing-system-stability disorder? The only alphabet you've got going there that I can read isn't making any sense.


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