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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Doing me taxes...

... and wondering why it is that people without babies always have to pay more taxes, but people without them are the ones who get all the benefits.

I mean, you don't subsidize my novels. Why should we?, you huff. I'm clever enough, and could have gone into a more lucrative field, like, say, dull mindless money-grubbing. It was MY CHOICE to take a particular route in life -- to grasp at faux immortality through literary fame. So I must swallow the cost.

Yeah? And who forced you to have a baby at gunpoint, then? It was YOUR CHOICE to go for faux-immortality through reproduction. You should have to pay for the consequences of your choices, since they're just as silly as mine. In fact, since at least my decisions have involved actual thinking instead of doing whatever everyone else does, they're SILLIER.

But even if you're well-to-do, you still get tax breaks for your choice. If you're down on your luck, you have access to government handouts that I can't get, no matter how bad the economy or my personal situation become. Why do I have to swallow all your extra costs and never get any benefits myself?

Just askin'. My guess is: you're selfish, useless, and the majority.

And you still want me to step aside on the sidewalk for your double-wide stroller. Guess what?

Not gonna.

Non-babymommas: the strike starts now.

PS Hehnnnnnn... reading the above, I'm afraid I'm so angry today that I give antinatalists a bad name.


  1. I noticed that a while back:
    Though I think you'd need to have read some of Robin Hanson's theory of politics in order for it to be interesting. I think Steve Sailer picked up on something similar when he suggested that Republicans brand themselves as the party of people with families, which is odd since the GOP hasn't done anything to deserve his advice assuming said advice is any good.

  2. Who's Steve Sailer?
    is TGGP insinuating?

  3. Does that mean if I don't get up for pregnant women on the subway I shouldn't feel any shame?


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