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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Finishing up the final text of THE TALKATIVE CORPSE

Hey, I've got my latest hopeless novel finished—but now I have to go through and take out all my humorous footnote asides, because the Kindle platform, as it turns out, doesn't support footnotes. You have to do endnotes instead, which ruins the joke, so screw it, I'm just going to take out the nonessential ones and work the rest into the text. I'm trying to tell myself that the re-edit is forcing me to tighten things up, but I still maintain that sometimes the little asides are some of the best jokes in a piece. (See Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation.)

At any rate. Due out sometime next week, available on Kindle for probably around 5 bucks, THE TALKATIVE CORPSE: A LOVE LETTER will soon await your reading pleasure. If you feel cheated after reading the footnote-free version I'll keep a PDF of the original text on hand; I'm also looking into Smashbooks to see if they're any more footnote-friendly (their end-user interface sucks though, so I'm not holding out much hope).

Also, I'm offering free PDFs of the final text to anyone with a platform, large or small, who offers to give the book a review (preferably thoughtful) thereupon. There's no way to get an audience for a book without reviews, so any word anywhere would be highly appreciated.



  1. Hi, Ann. Don't know if my blog counts as a big enough space for a review, but if it does I'm at

    1. Absolutely! I will send you a copy as soon as it's ready.

    2. You should have it... unless your spam filter ate it!

  2. I can do a review of it. My blog doesn't get much traffic, but if you're still interested my e-mail is benarz13(at)


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