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Friday, April 5, 2013

Girl Detectives

I'm still waiting on cover art for my new novel, THE TALKATIVE CORPSE: A LOVE LETTER. But in the meantime I've made my first novel, GIRL DETECTIVES (2008), available as a FREE Kindle lend-out for the next 90 days*:

It's a comic murder mystery with lots of slapstick and people needling each other. And everyone's a phony, even the corpse. It's loosely based (VERY loosely based; we never killed anyone, honest) on the atmosphere of horseshit, intellectual hijinks, and letting the good times roll that enveloped the Chicago Reader when I worked there as a copy monkey from 2000-2005.

*(Sigh) Any deal you sign with Amazon is a deal with an animani: apparently these Kindle lending copies are only free if you have Amazon Prime. Well, in any case I've priced it at a reasonable, permanent rate of $3.99 for prime-less oi polloi, and if you're really broke or want to write a review, ask me for a PDF gratis. Just don't put out a pirate version or spread it around unless you want me to track you down and mess you up, son.

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