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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'm reposting this post because it became a metastasizing spam magnet...

... and deleting the earlier instance. It's the announcement of the publication of my 3rd novel, The Talkative Corpse, which is still available, now in both Kindle and paper form. Fuck you, spammers.

"Be positive, Ann, be positive! Nobody likes a sorehead! Nobody wants to think about the way the world works! And no fortune-telling! That's psychologically unhealthy... for anyone who even hears you! You can't predict disaster, even if it makes sense! Sell yourself! But don't sell yourself, nobody likes self-promotion! But nobody will notice you if you don't do it. What are you, lazy? You think you're the only person out of seven billion who wants attention? You got to get on the socialtubes, you outdated shit. Only extroverts need say anything, and if you want to say something anyway you had better do a damn good job of acting. The world isn't going to notice you if you just sit back and... hey! Nobody asked you to write a book! So shut up about it!"

Be positive, eh? Well, Mike Browarski did exactly what I wanted for the cover of my new book, freshly minted today (titled THE TALKATIVE CORPSE: A Love Letter, if you hadn't noticed), without my knowing, before he did it, just what exactly it was that I wanted:

That image pretty much says everything about the place and time where the action is set: Chicago at the beginning of the end, the fractured image of the living city shirking under the clear, steady gravestone to which it all answers, if it's lucky enough to get a gravestone at all.

Here's the little fellow's first notice, thanks to Ben Arzate. If you don't give a shit about me, his site is worth reading if you like good book recs you won't likely dig up elsewhere, well written too:

No doubt most people would prefer to read something fashionable. But in case you don't mind reading something your next blind date won't be able to discuss, THE TALKATIVE CORPSE is only $4.99 on Kindle (readable from your computer whether you have a Kindle device or not), free for a limited time if you have Amazon Prime... so, yeah, it's not really free, but as always, if you're broke, I can send you a PDF; just do me a favor if you have a blog and give it a mention, love it or hate it. And as always, ASK ME FOR A REVIEW COPY and it will be happily given, whether your blog has ten readers or twenty. (

Steeling myself for the utter indifference of a world both clogged with morons and obsessed by pre-packaged fame,

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