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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Shut up and be funny: James O'Meara's review of THE TALKATIVE CORPSE...

In which he suggests I'd be better off writing goofy shit. I concur; however, I was too violently angry at the time I wrote THE TALKATIVE CORPSE to be goofy, and I had to write something, so here you are.

NOTE: TALKATIVE CORPSE is NOT my sophomore effort; it's my third book. NVSQVAM, a Nine-Banded Books production and probably a better book, was the second. (PEDANT!)

Here's the review.

Here's a sample.

Here's some buying you could do.


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  2. NVSQVAM has near-farcical elements in the staging, but the core is hard, and dark. Literary cross-dressing has a modern pedigree, in any case. Simenon wrote intellectual mysteries and the occasional roman dur. Graham Greene had his "entertainments" and his psychological novels. Highsmith played both games even within the deeper game that was Ripley. Step back and you see it's the same music. One thing leading to another.

    Just wait till they get a dose of LYFE. That'll blur the margins nicely.

    1. I hope my science fiction nerd friends will still be speaking to me... Just kidding; they will. They're not asses.


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