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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

King of Crazy Town

Short post on the "PUA Hate" shooter, since I suppose there may be some use for a word or two from a female who's really got no dog in any fight: This guy was king of crazy town. How do I know? Because when I first saw a picture of him I thought I must have clicked on the wrong link, because what the hell, kid's too pretty to have trouble landing girls. Then I found out that he's rich, too. Look, I am not into young guys—I wasn't into them even when I was young—and rich-from-birth fellows these days generally annoy me with their lack of education. But a lot of girls do like rich guys per se, and are there any of us who don't like pretty ones? Yes, way underage, but until he opened his stupid mouth, I dunno, I still might have... AUGH! STOP THE VIDEO! MAKE THE NOISES NOT COME OUT OF ITS MOUTH!


1. To be that rich and pretty and somehow not get laid, you have to be a the perfect picture of a sergeant major general of (I won't say douche, that word is overused, that word is dead, that word is... auugh...) cough DOUCHEVILLE.

2. You can't blame the PUA/manosphere web region for creating Sergeant Major General Crazy-Shades, because, well, for starters, he was ANTI-PUA, precisely because their advice didn't work for him—for very, very obvious reasons. Look, if someone with an eating disorder shot up a bunch of fashion models because they paid for Jenny Craig and it didn't work, would you outlaw Jenny Craig, or would you assume that person was unhinged to begin with? Jenny Craig might be a ripoff, sure. But are you going to cancel high school because of Dylan Klebold?.... Actually, that's not such a bad idea. The kids would love it, and I would finally be able to afford to buy an apartment without having to worry about paying $500 in taxes a month on the "property" I "owned." Parents, pay for your own little crazy fuckers.

3. If you really wanted to stop future outbreaks of losers such as Crazy-Shades here, you would teach rich people to raise their kids properly again. I hate to say the English are ever right about anything, but oi aristoi used to know, at least through tradition and instinct and still remembering who Heliogabalus was, that if their kids never faced any sort of humbling experience or frustrating trial, they would grow up to be shitty, lunatic monsters. If you must blame anything for this, blame it on the demise of confusing, poorly-written Latin grammars and corporal punishment in the private schools. This kid shouldn't have been given sensitivity training. He should have been beaten over the head with a copy of Smyth's Greek Grammar and humiliated till he learned to decline his mi-verbs.


  1. Men and women who don't "get laid" (by choice or not) should be considered the perfect antinatalists. And no, I'm not defending or minimizing this nut's shooting spree. Whatya say, Ann?

    1. Well, I suppose his effect on the number of us stuck here together was negative... then again, he wasn't exactly making a principled act of not procreating. I don't know, define "ultimate." I don't think you can lump people who disdain sex in with people whom sex disdains, although eventually I suppose they begin collapsing into one category...

  2. There's a line somewhere in a van Vogt novel that reads "No matter how human you are on the outside, the inhumanity on your inside will give you away every time."

    Or something like that. It's early.


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