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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Proselytizing by Post

Update: Well, I guess I should pay attention to things besides the title and the price when I buy books on Amazon... turns out this wasn't the work of any miserable Amazon wage slave at all. The outfit that was selling this through Amazon was called... wait for it... Homeschool777. Not that I'm against taking your kids out of the brain factory, but these guys are really living the stereotype: I'm pretty sure they sent me the wrong book on purpose, AND THEY REFUSED TO TAKE IT BACK OR GIVE ME A REFUND. Amazon kindly covered the funds for me, although I do have to hoof it to the UPS store to return it... I suspect they're going to just burn it.

Anyway, my Catholic upbringing has given me a lifelong allergy to this kind of humorless proselytizing... yeah, I've heard of Jesus, guys; thanks for stealing my money, I was really tired of it, but isn't there some kind of commandment about that? This reminds me of the family story about when my grandmother allegedly met some Jehovah's witnesses at the door with a shotgun. 

Original post:

Way to go, Amazon. Or is this just God's infamous sick sense of humor?

I ordered this (and the invoice proves it):

Instead, I got this:

Ooo, God is trying to tell me something. Through this smirking goober?

OK, sure. So what's the lesson? That spending two hours dicking around with Amazon returns and the post office will enrich my spirit?

I wonder which is true: Some miserable wage slave at Amazon is trying to amuse himself, or some deluded wage slave (and future inheritor of the Kingdom) is trying to save my soul? Ahh, it's probably just a dipshit.

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