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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Couple of interiews mit moi this week...

I return to Robert Stark's podcast:

And then, for those old-schoolers who like their interviews in readable form (I'm among them!), here's a written and very thorough interview with Brutal Resonance, covering everything from TRIGGER WARNING (my website project with Rachel Haywire) to my Mirbeau translation:

I've been told it's damn funny!


  1. Nice Content(tm).

    "And 'official' writers aren’t much better—most of the Internet is now about the Internet. If your headline includes the word “Tweet” you should probably go outside for a while."

    Yes, that's true. Once they said shoegaze was "the scene that celebrates itself", now that description applies to the internet. Makes you nostalgic for the days when the internet was uncool and nobody talked about it.

    What's even worse is that nobody writes: they regurgitate. I've never been to any sort of school, but apparently they make kids do book reports? Where you have to read a book and write about what was in it? Maybe the intention was to engender an understanding of literature, but now it literally seems like training for a job as a Buzzfeed author. Take someone else's ideas or opinions, chop up and gargle the words around a little bit so that it's not outright plagiarism, and call it your own. Reading the Culture or Opinion sections of most news sites is like reading Reddit or Tumblr on a 3-4 day time lag.


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