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Friday, October 25, 2013

Call for submissions

Hey there. I'm not sure how much interest people have in reading book reviews on, or submitting book reviews to, this blog, particularly the way I tend to write them these days (see my review of Almost Home by Frank Marcopolos below).

I used to get paid to write these things, but then the newspaper industry died, and I'm an old fuck who doesn't know or care much about how making shit go all intertube-viral works, and while I still very much enjoy getting books for free and then blathering about them, the absence of a monetary reward tends to make me lazy when it comes to a. Bothering to organize my reviews terribly formally, and b. Making sure there's a blurb-worthy sentence or four in there.

Also, while I will try to not be vicious if I don't like your book, things unrelated to your book may occasionally put me in a very bad mood. Apologies in advance.

That being said, I'll accept just aboout anything for review: big publisher, small publisher, self-publisher, fiction, nonfiction, lies, and in either printed or electronic form (god knows postage costs a mint these days). My email address is, and you can mail paper things to me at Ann Sterzinger, three hundred fifty North Orleans St., Suite twelvetwelve, Chicago, IL ZIP code sixohsixfivefour. (That's my work address, not my home address, since I haven't completely lost my mind yet, and I'm spelling out the numbers to reduce googleability, since I'd rather my coworkers not read all this, because I have no idea how they'd react.)



  1. Hi Ann, not sure if you have heard of Benjamin Cain. He writes the blog, rantswithintheundeadgod. He recently had a book published titled God Decays, he is also a great writer. I mentioned this post on his blog.

    1. Hey, Bill! Thank you so much for the forward. I have Benjamin's MS and look forward to reading it.


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