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Monday, October 28, 2013

Matt Forney, Kafka, managers, and Andy Nowicki and me and ghosts. Happy Halloween!

Linked below: another set of kind words from Matt Forney regarding NVSQVAM (the stupidest thing anyone ever named a book, publicity-wise, as it turns out; way to go, me), fellow novelist Andy Nowicki, and our mutual embodiment of the Generation X... continual malaise and the er... zeit... hm.

How does one underline the more ghoulish shadings one could pull from the dreaded word "zeitgeist" when our zeit has already rolled over us and left us under the shit-infused tarmac of the 21st century?

Ah well. If you don't like novels, the first half of the interview touches on some fascinating stuff about managerialism, a practice as well as a theory which describes, as I gather, the unpleasant, Platonic, Kafkonic reality underlying the eerie similarities between communism and late "capitalism" (and the reason why your CEO, not the stockholder, is truly the master of your neoserf hind end):

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