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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Another review of NVSQVAM... this time by one of my favorite book bloggers.

I READ ODD BOOKS has reviewed NVSQVAM! What an honor; I love Anita Dalton's taste and writing style.

Slowly but surely, a microscopic proportion of the population is becoming intrigued by the trials and fears and massive character defects (but don't we all have them?) of my protagonist (and oh does he agonize), Lester Reichartsen, poster boy for the new lost generation. We fell through the cracks so we're slowly making more cracks, because "fuck you" still feels so good to say. (And what other revenge are we capable of getting?)

Most important, Anita Dalton thinks my book is funny, and gettin' the laffs is exactly why I went through the millions of hours of head-wringing it took to write the damn thing. I really should have listened to my father and become a stand-up comedian.

Here's the link:

And here are a couple of choice excerpts:

The other reason to read it is because it is so very funny.  Seriously, Sterzinger has the sort of intelligent, acerbic wit that I imagined I had back when I was a drunk.
Though I find Lester largely irritating and unlikeable, he is not unique in his passive, seething uselessness.  Jesus, so many young people born to baby boomer parents ended up like this.  Almost all of us were latch-key kids, the post-Reagan economic state seemed hopeless, and we had Pearl Jam running across the stage in baggy shorts making millions of dollars moaning about their mothers, which was sort of understandable because so many of us were raised in divorced, single-parent, female-headed households. Some young men raised in such an environment felt buffeted by fate, as if everything they wanted would never happen and they entered a post-collegiate life with no idea what to do next.
The entire section wherein Lester, Evelyn and Martin visit family over the Christmas holidays is just excruciating and hilarious.  There’s too damn much to reproduce here so I consider that long section to be the price of admission for this book.

As Dalton notes, the current price of admission for the ebook is a mere $2.99, so pleez click here...

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    I don't know if this is of interest but I've read Nvsqvam and written some words about it here.


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